A concept: Stories and books inspire local project-“Nightcrawlers” in final stages of filming

An opening scene sets up the thoughts of the main character. Photo supplied.

What will you do when you can no longer ski? That’s the concept behind 2 Deep Media’s upcoming film.

“Kieran and I have been fascinated with the concept of individuals’ stories,” said filmmaker Eddie Foster of himself and featured skier Kieran Nikula. “We have witnessed the difficulties associated with letting go. We are referring to this idea that everybody comes to a time in their life where they have to give up on the things they love, whether it be an activity, sport, profession or family.”

The idea became a story that focuses on the life of an individual who has struggled with coming to terms with this change. Reflected through the main character’s interest in literature and reading, particularly a book called Nightcrawlers, the filmmakers express the voices of those who can’t let go of the past.

“A depiction in the film reignites these past experiences and assures him (the main character) of his former self. In doing this, the book provides this character with a portal into his past, allowing for him to take one last glimpse into passion, that of skiing,” said Foster.

After four months of travelling and filming in B.C., including in Pemberton, Clearwater and Blue River, the filmers created a night sequence which is a visual representation of the book.

“It’s a lucid segment that’s an insight into the character’s previous life and experiences,” said Foster. “This visual piece takes the form of a dream where the character is able to once again experience the pleasures of skiing, and once again become one with what he once loved.”

It’s a common theme in the ski community that few feel the need to express as they are content with the memories that reside within the nostalgia of their photographs and stories. However, there are others who feel these past chapters are not enough.

Fans can look for an upcoming trailer of the film this summer, followed by select private premiers. The film will be released to the public this fall.