Contrasting art celebrated

Bill Fell and Liz Derksen pose with some of Fell’s photos. Photo SPIN.

The natural world surrounding us inspires many artists. The province’s mountains, trees, valleys, lakes and rivers are often the subject of paintings, sketches, photography and other forms of art.

But different interpretations of nature in art can be striking; it’s that difference that two local artists drew upon for a recent Kamloops exhibit, Unique Perspectives.

Liz Derksen is known for her whimsical paintings in bright colours and Bill Fell for his toned down black and white photos.

They each focus on the outdoors in very different ways and the contrast was on display at the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre April 12 to May 6.

After meeting through Art Zone, a group of artists at Sun Peaks, they submitted an application for the exhibit one and a half years ago and have been working and planning since.

With each artist’s work taking one side of the room visitors appreciated the two styles.
Derksen and Fell also worked together on two pieces. Derksen painted her own version of one of Fell’s photos and in another piece used acrylic ink to add colour to some areas of one of his photos.

Derksen said these two projects were challenging for her as she is used to painting subjects she sees.

“Our work is so different,” she said. “It was absolutely challenging. I grew up and spent time in Ontario (where Fell’s photos were taken) but it has been a long time since then. It took a few days to be satisfied.”

Each has held solo exhibits previously but enjoyed the chance to collaborate.
“I looked at Liz’s paintings and wanted to complement them,” Fell said. “I was quite pleased with it and would do it again.”

Fell was also satisfied with selling at least one photo exhibited as they take up to twelve hours to process and frame in addition to the work planning the show.

Derksen said she also sold a piece and was happy with the final exhibit.

“We had really good feedback, all in all it’s been a positive experience. It’s neat to do something like this and see people enjoying it.”