Council passes bylaw on cannabis sales

Stock Photo.

As the date of the federal legalization of marijuana draws closer the council of Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) has passed a bylaw that amends zoning bylaw 1400.

The amendment, number 114, prohibits any kind of cannabis retail in all commercial and residential zones. Anyone wishing to open a cannabis retail shop must apply for spot rezoning which will require approval from the council and a public hearing.

“The intent is that we will introduce site specific retail zoning that is a distance from areas kids will be,” said SPMRM Mayor Al Raine. “It will have to be rezoned and have a public hearing so people can have input.

“At this point you can’t just walk in and sell…An acceptable proposal will be a part of rezoning.”

Raine added another bylaw is likely to come before the council in the next month that will ban smoking of all kinds on the village stroll with cooperation for Sun Peaks Resort LLP, who own the property.

“Personally I think it’s a bad thing to have a bunch of people smoking cannabis in the village squares and walking up and down where kids and people are, especially with the smell of smoking.”

Raine said the rules around public consumption may differ for products like edibles which don’t have the same smell and therefore same impact on those around the consumer. He also said he would like to see specific spots designated as smoking areas for cigarettes, cannabis and vaping.

At least two people have spoken with SPMRM about the possibility of opening a store, Raine said, but none have started the application process.