Counter Attack shows drinkers are still driving

breathalyzer-testThe RCMP’s impaired driving counter attack blitz night turned up disappointing results.

The campaign involved officers from 97 detachments across B.C. looking to reduce impaired driving.

Despite the publicity of the campaign, results revealed many drivers still chose to operate vehicles after consuming alcohol or drugs.

The one night blitz resulted in five impaired driving charges under the Criminal Code, 104 90-day immediate roadside prohibitions with 30 vehicles impounded, 94 warn results with either three, seven or 30 day immediate roadside prohibitions and 17 roadside suspensions for drugs.

“Impaired driving accidents are 100 per cent preventable,” says Corporal Robert McDonald of E division traffic services. “All people have to do is plan ahead before consuming alcohol, it’s not hard — if you drink, don’t drive.”

The RCMP will be targeting impaired drivers this holiday season so, if you can’t police yourself, they’ll be there to do it for you.