Creeks overflow on route to Sun Peaks

Photo by Jean Strong

Two creeks have overflowed onto Heffley Louis Creek Road near Heffley Lake although as of noon today the road remained open. Christina Creek is located near Lower Heffley Lake Road, and Siwash Creek is located near Lake Bay Road.

The Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) is aware of both incidents and is currently in contact with the ministries of transportation and the environment to monitor the situation.

Reports on social media indicated local company Powder Ventures had helped early this morning to divert the flow of water.

“If the situation changes we will get that information out to the public,” said Debbie Sell, TNRD information officer.

High temperatures yesterday and significant rain overnight prompted the TNRD to activate their Emergency Operations Centre this morning.

Photo by Jean Strong

According to Sell , they are currently aware of around 10 flooding incidents in the district.

Photo by Jean Strong