David Ward journeys through genres

Take a journey with David Ward—his 2012 album The Arrival is an enjoyable and eclectic trilogy of EPs that span Ward’s musical voyage and capability.

The Arrival is Ward’s second album, following 2006’s Never Meant to Know, a big gap in production filled with Canadian and Japanese tours, filmmaking and other experiments. Ward, a theatre school graduate, also recently created the Wachu Concert Series, a monthly showcase of indie music talent that promotes community among fellow Vancouver-ites. Ward also doubles as the lead singer and guitarist for The Phonix.

In The Arrival Ward takes listeners on a trip through his array of musical talent. Likened to talents such as Marvin Gaye, Jeff Buckley, and Stevie Wonder, Ward demonstrates that he’s more than another copycat artist. He has a unique style and no two songs on The Arrival are the same as Ward meshes genres like soul and rhythm and blues, topped with his stunning vocals.

The trilogy of The Arrival is broken up into Part 1 Departures, Part II Borders, and Part III Arrivals, Borders being the preferred EP. The ambiance of “Alice Blue” is topped with love-song vocals, similar to “Deepest Blue,” while in the centre is “Feel This Way” a soulful piece worthy of praise.

Ward will be touring Ontario throughout the beginning of October, but keep an eye out for upcoming local shows.