Daycare expands to year round service


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The resort’s Sundance Kids Centre is expanding its service throughout the non-skiing months to give families the option of year-round child care in Sun Peaks.

The daycare centre will be open during the off-season due to an increased interest from local families. Ten kids have committed to weekly attendance and four families have committed to a drop in basis throughout the summer.

“We want to provide year round care for the local families,” said daycare staff member Rayne McDonnell. “We’ll take drop ins and occasional (visits) if they come by, but the main point is to help the families that are up here that want year round child care.”

The Sundance Kids Centre will be open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the off-season for kids between 12 months and 12 years of age. The daycare will resume full operations next ski season.

“There’s a lot (of families) that are super excited that we’re now going to be open year round and that they’re not going to be scrounging in the off-season to find somebody. We haven’t heard anybody say ‘this isn’t going to work,’ ” McDonnell said. “It’s only been positive feedback from all the parents regarding the off-season.”

“We would love to see the commitment grow and be able to open to our full ski season capacity in the off-season and do seven days a week.”

The daycare also saw a large increase in locals using the facility over the winter months. There was a 38.9 per cent increase in local kids using the daycare this year and a 23 per cent increase overall compared to last ski season.

The daycare is also working to include programming for kids during the off-season such as Zumba, yoga and art classes. They will also be offering after-school care for students attending Sun Peaks Elementary.

“We’re working on it right now to try and get a start date, we’re hoping for May 1 and do, for example, Tuesday mornings at 11 there will be yoga and they can come for the full morning and hang out for yoga just to have some activities and curriculum running through the daycare as well, not just free play,” McDonnell said.