Decoding the Community Sustainability Plan

ICSP chalkboard

“The Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) is a compilation of a number of strategic directions and policies that the council can utilize in making decisions going into the future,” says Rob Bremner, CAO of Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality.

The areas covered in the ICSP are as follows: Land Use and Environmental Plan, Social Sustainability Plan, Greenhouse Gas Plan, Economic Development Plan and a Housing Brief.

The ICSP has recently been completed and the municipality is in the process of creating a short, easy to read document that outlines the plan’s key points. It will be called the Sustainability Action Plan.

The municipality held a public meeting where members of the community could weigh in on their thoughts about the future of Sun Peaks.

“The council has a pretty good handle on what the challenges are to living here (in Sun Peaks) and also all have some really good ideas about what we need to do in order to make it a better community,” explains Bremner. “I think that a lot of the community consultation reiterated the direction that this council has taken.”

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