East meets West on new album

Peter Ernst’s album is ready to release. | Photo Supplied

More than three years after Peter Ernst began working, his album is complete.

“It’s been a long and winding road,” he said. “There was times in between I wanted to give up.

“If it hadn’t been for the spirit of Sun Peaks I would have given up a long time ago.”

The album, “Happiness is Next in Line”, features 10 songs spanning country, rock and pop folk with a variety of influences from both Eastern and Western Canada.

Ernst’s full band has seven members and he said he and his co-producer Sylvain Vallee loved using four to five rich voices on each song. Ernst himself plays guitar on the tracks and, of course, sings.

“In order to perform on that level I practise one hour every day singing. You need a
strong voice.”

Though it was hard to choose he said the title track is his favourite of the bunch. All of the songs are connected by the theme of home, and inspired by British Columbia.

“We’re all always on our way back home. B.C. has that for so many people,” he said.
Ernst moved to Sun Peaks from northern Germany in 1997.

“I was ready for change and Canada was the ideal place,” he said.

A few tracks even reflect Sun Peaks, where Ernst’s music and performances have received a warm welcome.

“It’s a very receptive bunch of people here, very open to any kind of music.”

Being in the community has given him the opportunity to open for acts like Burton
Cummings and 54-40, as well as perform at community events like the recent Patio Party.
With the album ready, Ernst is working to launch a radio and social media campaign and tour next year.

But he hasn’t stopped creating music in the meantime. This month he heads to Toronto to work with a producer who has worked with Jason Mraz and Tom Cochrane. He plans to release three more songs in addition to the album.

Later, he said he would like to begin writing songs for young and upcoming artists and perform his music in eastern Canada.

“I feel good about it,” he said. “I’m excited.”