Elementary school reaches maximum capacity

The new secondary school is ready to welcome students. Photo SPIN.

This September students will return to full classrooms in Sun Peaks as enrollment in the elementary and secondary schools continues to rise.

Ninety four students have enrolled from kindergarten to grade seven, and another 20 or more will be welcomed in grades eight through 12.

Assistant superintendent of School District 73 Rob Schoen said based on April predictions the school district expected 74 elementary students. The school will be at capacity as based on class composition the maximum number of spaces is 94.

Schoen said parents shouldn’t be worried about their child not having a space and encouraged them to come to the first day of school.

“Show up, we’ll welcome them in and figure out what to do in terms of space and organization,” he said.

“At this point I don’t think anyone needs to have |any concerns.”

He said Sun Peaks students having to attend other schools in Heffley Creek or Rayleigh could be possible but they wouldn’t jump to it as a solution.

“People who are moving up here want to attend here and we are excited to welcome them.”
Older students may feel the squeeze soon as their enrollment also grows.

Sun Peaks Education Society (SPES) president Ross Blakeney said enrollment was sitting at 20 students but could grow before the school year began.

Blakeney said the growing elementary school numbers have them preparing for more children as students advance through the grades. SPES has more time to plan before reaching their capacity of around 35 students.

“We’re looking at growing by 10 (students) per year going forward,” he said.
This year secondary students will be taught by one full time teacher and facilitator four days a week.

They will also be in a new space, a building beside the Sun Peaks Alpine Club. The move from the top of the platter lift will be complete for their first day on Sept. 5.