Faster, faster, faster

speedskiSince the first skiers recorded their speeds way back in the late 1800s, enthusiasts from around the globe have been trying to see how fast a human can really go on a pair of skis. The first barrier of 200 km/h was broken in the late 1970s and the speeds have just increased since then. The current world record is held by Italy’s Simone Origone at a mind numbing 251.40 km/h, set in Les Arcs, France in 2006.

From March 28 to April 5 this year, 30 of the fastest skiers on the planet will try to best that mark in Vars, France at the Speed Masters World Record Attempt and one Sun Peaks speed skier will be there.

“I’m totally honoured to get a wildcard invite to this amazing event,” said Sun Peaks racer Adam Earle. “After 30 years of speed skiing I still have that nagging question inside me of how fast can I really go on a pair of skis. Going to Vars will finally answer that question for me. The Canadian Record is 234.83 km/h so that’s my ultimate goal, but I’ll take whatever comes my way. I just want to ski strong and see how fast I can go, because in the end its uncharted territory and that unknown is just another part of the excitement.”