Festival organizers prepare

Festival organizers say they have over prepared for the 5,000 person festival in April.

From April 6 to 10, Snowbombing music festival will draw around 5,000 people to the resort. Some residents voiced concerns and raised questions during a town hall style meeting on Feb. 15.

Organizers and Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR) representatives were on hand to address concerns regarding security, safety and logistics.

In a following interview, Aidan Kelly, chief marketing officer for SPR, said the organizers are aware of the concerns and have over-prepared.

He added that Broadwick Live, Brand Live and Blueprint, companies that are working together to put on the festival, have experience. “We’re really happy to see everything they’ve put in place. They’ve arranged events bigger than Snowbombing and are being more diligent than they need to be.”

B.C. has been in the midst of an opioid overdose crisis and SPR is aware of the risks associated with large groups of people visiting the area who may not know the dangers currently associated with drug use in the province.

Kelly said drug testing resources will not be available like at some other festivals. However, there will be a harm reduction tent and a down time area for attendees.

Organizers also plan to educate attendees on the dangers of opioid-laced drugs before, during and after their arrival at the resort. Kelly added that volunteers on the ground will help with education and prevention.

B.C. Ambulance Service has also spoken with SPR regarding the addition of emergency services at the resort for the duration of the festival, but Kelly said nothing has been arranged as of printing.

Private security personnel will be patrolling venues and ensuring all are emptied following an event. Businesses in the resort can arrange their own security if they choose as the festival’s hired security will focus solely on event areas.

Police presence will also be increased in the resort for the duration of the festival.
Organizers have put plans in place for venue clean up that include additional garbage and recycling bins as well as portable toilets. A dedicated clean up crew has been tasked with ensuring all venues are cared for after their use.

Concerns with parking and transportation have also been addressed as the resort will benefit from extended shuttle hours, and additional shuttles will operate between Kamloops and Sun Peaks. In a news release, Tourism Sun Peaks encouraged anyone driving to the festival to carpool as parking may be limited.

Attendees will also be kept off main roads while walking to and from P5, one of the main venues for headlining artists.

“The Forest Stage venue (P5) will include an interactive experience leading to the venue, which will include animation and lights keeping festival attendees on the valley trail and off the roadways,” SPR announced in the release.

Residents who have concerns or security situations will have access to a 24 hour hotline to report incidents or receive help during the festival.