Finding balance in a busy life


Munson and her husband Owen pose with their children Mackenzie, Anisty, Corvin and Ella. | Photo supplied.

When you meet Tracy Munson it would be easy to assume she has everything in her life under control. Her four children are polite and funny and she is energetic, enthusiastic and kind. But it hasn’t always been so easy for her to find that balance.

In fact, it was challenging periods that inspired her first book


The Busy Mom’s Greatest Companion which was released in March. The book provides information help parents go from “overwhelmed to overjoyed” and instructs them to take time out of busy schedules to take care of themselves.

Her own experiences, from switching career paths against all advice to overcoming postpartum depression, have helped her guide fellow mothers to calmer lives.

A natural health strategist and practitioner and certified dream coach for nearly four years, her sessions include a mix of coaching, spine therapy, chakra balance and energy healing. Munson has worked with clients around the world, in person and online to help parents build a strong foundation. Working from her home near Sun Peaks or her office in Kamloops, she said she has countless stories of changing women’s lives.

She decided to write the book to assist those who may be unable to afford or access her one-on-one sessions.

“Not everyone can afford to go somewhere or afford to see someone,” Munson said. “That’s what I’m all about, assisting people.”

The process of writing came easily to her whenever she found time in her own busy life.
“When it’s your passion, it flows,” she said.

She said seeing the book arrive on store shelves didn’t feel real.

Munson’s book is available locally at Sneaky Scallywags. Photo supplied.

Another book may be in the future, less specific to mothers and parents that can be used by anyone facing stress or challenges.

She is also just tapping into a passion for public speaking, getting a taste at the Mountain Spirit Festival held in Sun Peaks on June 24.

Her speech focused on the importance of taking time for yourself. She was happy, she said, to reach a larger audience and help more people.

It’s that dedication to helping others that continues to guide her and her family as Munson’s business and life at Sun Peaks grows.

The Busy Mom’s Greatest Companion is available in bookstores such as Chapters, online at and locally at Sneaky Scallywags.