First asset management plan complete for SPMRM

Replacement value of SPMRM civil infrastructure. Presented by Urban Systems

In another step toward maturity the municipality now has its first asset management plan.
At an April 16 council meeting Urban Systems presented the plan. The report covered what assets the municipality has, what they’re worth, their condition and expected lifespan, what is required to manage risk and meet service levels, a timeline and costs and a discussion of long term affordability.

Rob Bremner, chief administrative officer for Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality, said the plan is an important step in laying out a time frame of when assets come to the end of their lives and it allows staff to look ahead and plan around that lifespan.

Some of the assets included in the plan include water facilities, wastewater facilities and roadway infrastructure valued at $11.2 million each, water distribution at $7.8 million, wastewater collection at $9.6 million and the storm collection system at $6 million.

Priorities identified for the municipality by Urban Systems included continuing work to meet expected drinking water quantity expectations and work on roadways throughout the community.

Bremner said the system will change and be updated over time and guide council and staff in decision making for capital projects. It will, he said, also be an important piece of applying for grants for such projects.

“Going forward a strong asset management plan will be part of any grant application.”