Freestyle snowboard club secures coach

Snowboarders get chance to compete in complete provincial series

Nayte Brown with one of the silver medals he won last year. Photo supplied

With the Bluebird Day Fund discontinuing their competitive freestyle snowboard program young boarders like Nayte Brown were facing a season of solo practice.

But when Janna Brown learned the group wouldn’t return this year she took matters into her own hands to ensure Sun Peaks’ young boarders had a program in place to support their development as competitive athletes.

Over the course of a few weeks Janna has secured at least one coach, a handful of members and become sanctioned and approved.

“I wanted to take it on for Nayte and I wanted to do it for the community too,” she explained. “When we got the email there would be no more team I thought I’m just going to go for it and see what happens.”

With guidance from the Freestyle Ski Club’s Brennan Thompson and support from Sun Peaks Resort LLP’s Sports School Janna signed level four coach Richard Fonger. Should more kids join she has other coaches interested in signing on.

For athletes like Nayte the club will allow them to train to the level of provincial competitions and, should they choose, to compete in the provincial series.

Last year he won three silver medals and placed in the top five at Westerns, this year he’s set his sights on winning a gold and competing in that series again.

“Last year we got to see what it was like competing at different mountains,” he said. “We got to ride with a group that are all park snowboarders, I learned a lot and they pushed me…when I ride with snowboarders they can watch and tell me what I’m doing wrong or right, it’s just different to ride with snowboarders instead of skiers.”

This year the all-season program will start Nov. 30 to be able to prepare for all provincial series competitions. Boarders aged nine and up who are comfortable in the park, can hit some jumps, do some spins and slide box rails are welcome.

Registration is open for Sun Peaks and the Kamloops area. Contact for more information or to register.