From the ground up

PostureLooking for a way to challenge yourself in 2015? Why not shift focus to all those daily tasks that we perform hundreds of times a day and never think about. Do you think about how you sit, stand or chew? Although these seem miniscule, we often get lazy by rushing through these simple, but important tasks.

Standing: Close your eyes, take a breath, and notice how you feel. Is there even weight from foot to foot? Leg to leg? Hip to hip? Now open your eyes and stand with your feet parallel to each other shoulder width apart. Shift your weight from side to side, front to back until you feel weighted evenly. Focus on the feet as you start and as you feel more comfortable start adjusting your other joints. You should feel four points of contact in your feet for proper balance, your big toe, the outside of your foot, and the inner and outer heel. Engage all four points of contact and notice how everything else feels. This should engage your hip stabilizers. Practice in the shower or grocery line.

Sitting: The obvious ones here are crossing legs, slouching, and leaning. The less obvious is getting up and getting down. Make sure your feet are planted on the ground evenly, keeping your head in line with your shoulders start folding forward, your chin will be just over your knees, keep your arms by your side and let your hands slide by your knees. You will start to feel the weight in your feet shift forward and it will feel natural to stand up. Sit down using similar principles; don’t just throw your body down. Practice this if you have sore knees, neck, and back or use it as a preventative daily practice.

Chewing: Just like your mom told you as a kid, CHEW! Our teeth, tongue and saliva are all major players in digestion. Chewing signals our brain to produce saliva which has enzymes that break down sugars. Chewing signals the stomach that food is on its way so it can start producing the appropriate mix of juices to help break down the food some more. Chewing more results in eating slower, which results in feeling full faster . . . eating less and maybe even losing some weight?

Now that’s something to chew on! – Sonya Trevisi