Funding helps Me to We face bullying

me_to_we_logo1Me to We, and its charity partner Free the Children, have been awarded a $200,000 grant to support their school-based programs, including a new pilot program aimed at empowering youth to prevent bullying in their communities.

“Me to We/Free The Children is doing some amazing work here in B.C. and around the globe promoting social responsibility in youth,” says Don McRae, minister of education. “Hundreds of schools and thousands of students across the province participate in We Act programs, and this grant will continue to support the valuable work that’s being accomplished.”

Half of the grant will help launch Me to We’s new Stand Up! Leadership Program that will bring 30 students from various schools together in a workshop addressing bullying response and prevention. When they return to their schools, these student ambassadors will bring with them action plans to create stronger, more inclusive learning environments as a way to prevent bullying. The communities hosting the program will be announced in the fall of 2013.

The grant’s other $100,000 will continue to support Free The Children’s annual youth empowerment We Day event — the fourth year in a row the Ministry of Education has provided this funding.

The Stand Up! Leadership Program complements government’s Erase-bullying strategy.

It includes a five-year, multi-level training program for 15,000 educators and community partners to help them proactively identify and address threats. To date, almost 4,000 educators and community partners have been trained in 50 out of 60 school districts.

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