The Garden Rail Jam returns this Sunday

With four divisions the grassroots event is open to competitors of all ages. SPIN file photo.

  Back in its eleventh year, The Garden Rail Jam is set to return Sunday, Feb. 4, for an afternoon full of friendly competition in the Rockstar Energy Terrain Park.

The event is sponsored by  Oronge Boardshop and co-owner Kent “Koach” Theisson explained the slopestyle competition as a grassroots event any one who can 50-50 or boardslide the small park features can enter.

“With The Garden, it’s just a jam format so everybody per age category, they just all jam together. It’s kinda like a little bit of a bro-down, instead of all eyes on your run, what did you do and making people all nervous,” said Theisson.

The course  is designed by the Sun Peaks Resort LLP terrain park crew and typically includes rails and box features.

“I know there’s some Rockstar features in there, they always use some Bluebird (Day Fund) features, sometimes wall rides involved, sometimes it’s not, just depends I guess on what they want to have in there,” said Theisson. “We just fully rely on the park crew, they’re awesome.”

There will be four divisions: Grom (12 and under); Junior (13 to 16), Women’s Open and Men’s Open, with both ski and snowboard categories battling it out in 30-minute jam sessions.

“It’s basically an expression of how you ride, what you think is fun and what enjoyment you get out of it. Then you give’r,” said Theisson.

Registration is in the Village Day Lodge on Feb. 4 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. competitors will meet at 11 a.m. for a briefing before jams begin at noon. Oronge Boardshop will be donating all registration fees to the Bluebird Day Fund.

Entry for Grom and Juniors is $5 while Open Women’s and Men’s entrance fee is $10.