Gas rate decreases


Residents and business owners in Sun Peaks will pay less for gas commodity in 2016.
Sun Peaks Utilities announced the 11 per cent rate decrease on Jan. 1. The BC Utilities Commission approved the gas commodity decrease, which went down from $13.0660 to $11.6250 per gigajoule.

Large commercial properties will see an annual average cost decrease of $14,410, medium commercial properties will see a $6,138.66 decrease and small commercial properties will see an average decrease of $510.11.

Residential properties will be less effected with single family homes seeing an annual average decrease of $122.49 and residential condos seeing an average decreased of $25.94.

The rate decrease was made possible due to propane increasing from $8.6620 to $9.3000 per gigajoule and the Gas Cost Reconciliation Account decreasing from $2.0790 to $0.00 per gigajoule.