Get your skin prepped for the season

Dry BrushingWith the winter season fast approaching, it’s important to make sure our bodies are ready to hit the slopes come opening weekend. Taking care of ourselves doesn’t need to be hard or time consuming, and there are plenty of exercises and activities you can be doing today to get ski, snowboard, skate, sled and snowshoe ready this season.

While we spend a lot of time talking about healthy eating (to take care of our insides) or hitting the gym (to improve fitness and build muscles) we often overlook our bodies biggest organ — the skin.

As we may remember from high school biology, the skin is the biggest organ in the body. It’s also the last organ to receive nutrients, and the first organ to show signs of disease — think zits, hives and bags under the eyes.

One simple and healthy way of taking care of your skin is dry brushing. It’s a cheap, easy and feel good treatment often offered in spas and it has some great benefits, like making your skin glow and improving circulation.

An important benefit for those of you spending too much time on the slopes and not enough time looking after yourselves — dry brushing can also help boost your immune system through lymphatic drainage, giving you an edge over any bugs going around. It’s also a great treatment for women that fear the dreaded cellulite, caused when your skin’s tissues become too dehydrated and toxic.

Dry brushes are cheap (usually under $10) and they can be easily found online. They come in a long handed paddle brush or a sisal horseshoe shape, with the latter feeling great over the elbows and knees.

Once you have a brush here are some simple rules to follow during your dry brushing regime:

  1. Start closest to your heart on your legs first, using small light circular motions towards the heart, keep working your way down your leg, always pushing back towards your heart.
  2. After completing your legs do the same motions on your arms.
  3. Finish with clockwise circles to the abdomen.
  4. Brush your back and chest working from the neck downwards. Start by using light pressure and work your way to a more vigorous and faster speed.

The whole process should take three to five minutes and you should notice everything going pink and tingly.

Always shower after to remove dead skin and promote cellular regeneration. It’s important to never dry brush swollen, sunburnt or open wounded skin as this can cause increased inflammation to the area.

Try a dry brushing regime every day for a healthier and happier you.