Halloween 101

Telling ghost stories, following a recipe for pumpkin pie, building a costume or renting some Halloween books from the library, there are tons of ways to bring literacy and critical thinking to the spooky season.

By doing a little research on Halloween, kids will use analytical, reading, writing, reporting and statistics skills. Following a recipe allows even the youngest chef de partie to get involved with math through measuring and counting, while older chefs de cuisine can hone their reading and science skills as they watch the chemistry of their creations unfold. Estimate how much the pumpkin weighs or see if you can sprout a seed.

Just a cardboard box and some string? Think again; building a fright night costume might just be where great engineers got their first structural ideas, or a springboard into art and design.

And, when the loot’s been collected, kids can count it, group it, trade it or sell it; again all building blocks to math, science and economics.

This Halloween, take a look outside the box, and embed some learning into the day.