Halston Connector speed checks

speedcheckOn January 2 and 11 the Kamloops RCMP targeted speeders on the Halston Connector in the North Shore in an effort to curb excessive speed and drinking and driving.

Kamloops RCMP have identified the stretch of road as a traffic safety concern and therefore set out to enforce the posted 70 km/h speed limit.

The January 2 speed check resulted in 10 speeding tickets, only stopping those 25 km/h over the speed limit.

On January 11 officers were stopping and checking drivers for drinking and driving as well as completing  speed checks. From 50 cars checked two tickets were issued, one of which resulted in a 90 day suspension of the drivers licence for drinking and driving.

The Halston connector is considered a high accident location and Kamloops RCMP are hoping to thwart dangerous driving which could lead to collisions much like the one that occurred on Saturday, January 11 in the morning. Two vehicles were involved in the incident that sent three people to hospital with upper body injuries.

Kamloops RCMP are going to continue monitoring this stretch of roadway, reminding motorists of the 70 km/h speed limit.