Hamish the cat rescued, to reunite with owner

Hamish relaxing after his rescue. Photo Megan Peach.

A missing cat that captured the attention of Sun Peaks for nearly four months was found yesterday by a resident.

Hamish’s rescuer said he saw Hamish near his home on Sunburst Dr. in mid-October and began leaving treats and food out for him. After a week he spotted the feline again and brought him more treats until he came to him.

His capture brings the saga of Hamish to an end. He went missing in early July when his owner Megan Peach evacuated to Sun Peaks because of wildfires raging near her home in 150 Mile House.

Hamish on the run at Sun Peaks this summer.




He escaped from the second floor of a condo in Fireside Lodge, embarking on an adventure around the community, being spotted most often around Sunburst Dr. or Burfield Dr.

But he evaded capture, even when tempted by food and warmth. Peach’s only reassurance he was alive was photos snapped by residents as he ran by or peaked in windows.

The two will be reunited in Kamloops tomorrow, a moment Peach said she is excited and nervous for.

A map that shows where Hamish was spotted during his adventures.