Hamptonstone combines passions in dream presentation

Isabelle Hamptonstone skiing at Mike Wiegele Heliskiing. Photo supplied

Isabelle Hamptonstone, Sun Peaks resident and business owner, is preparing for another ski season and reflecting on a career highlight, coaching guides from Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing.

The passionate skier was able to combine business with pleasure when she attended the annual guide’s training program and worked with staff who are tasked with taking guests safely into the mountains.

Hamptonstone is the creator and chief executive officer of Brain Train International. She uses her skills and experience to coach athletes, business professionals and others to be more successful and perform well under pressure.

While working with the guides she covered topics like the impact of stress on performance, how responses to stress are developed in childhood, and how those experiences affect how one acts under pressure.

She used examples from working with Olympic athletes and others who work in stressful industries and shared techniques they can use to reset when they feel stress building.
Elias Ortner, senior lead guide and assistant operations manager for Mike Wiegele, said the presentation was important for their staff.

“At times our job can be very demanding and stressful. We were looking for a technique (or) advice to maintain (or) enhance the performance of our employees. I know some of our guides have very much enjoyed her presentation and applied her strategy.”

The opportunity was especially special to Hamptonstone.

“As a member of the military reserves in the UK I fell in love with aircraft, particularly helicopters. I loved how the pilots had to be so focussed and relaxed at the same time. It blew my mind that they could be so capable under such pressure.”

She added as a child she also fell in love with the power and strength she saw in female skiers she would watch on TV.

“In my adult life I learned to ski, and was also blessed with the opportunity to put my two great loves together at Mike Wiegele.”

While busy with work Hamptonstone was also recently honoured with winning in the “Best Business Coach/Consultant” category of Kamloops This Week’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

“I was flabbergasted to receive (the award),” she said. “It’s a real pleasure to train the brains of business leaders. Very often there’s a whole lot of fun and potential within them just waiting to be released.”