Hamptonstone’s Hockey Confidence helps self-belief blossom

Hockey Confidence.
The book will launch on September 17th at Chapters in Kamloops. -Photo supplied.

A lack of confidence can deeply impact natural talent and solid effort. While the flutter of performance anxiety is perfectly normal, it can also have a crippling backlash—often at the most crucial, time-sensitive moments.

Enter Sun Peaks local and performance intelligence consultant Isabelle (Izzy) Hamptonstone, CEO of Brain Train International (BTI), and author of the new book Hockey Confidence: Train Your Brain to Win in Hockey and in Life. The book offers positive and practical methods applied to the NHL players and Olympic athletes who have seen success as clients of BTI. Through sustainable mental processes, Hamptonstone has helped individuals tap into a “deeper intelligence” to remove the mental obstacles people often place in front
of themselves.

Hamptonstone personally understands that fear as she has dealt with it in regards to public speaking and uses hypnosis before presentations to reduce stress. She remarked the writing process was humbling and challenging at times, and that the text’s topic was constantly at odds with pesky self-doubts, concerns and fears. She was able to apply the theories and tips on herself, further strengthening her connection to
the material.

“It’s very much about tapping into your own potential, banishing damaging, self-deprecating thoughts that can only cause harm,” she said. “There needs to be some self-care to achieve self-belief. Sometimes you have to say, ‘I did good today,’ and that’s enough”.

According to Hamptonstone, all too often people become the goalies to their own winning shots. She has trained top athletes to have a mental wellness to match their peak
physical condition.

“Mental stress effects physical performance,” said Hamptonstone.

She coaches her clients to learn from failure by accepting missteps and mistakes as lessons that can only bring them closer to future successes. She references three questions: “What can this teach me? What did I learn? How can I get to the next level?”

Hockey Confidence provides “simple, strategic steps” to guide readers through a process of coping mechanisms. Through mental redirection and positive affirmation, participants can become better focused, confident and masters of self-control. The disappointment of failure is easier to handle, and it’s easier to accept feedback and apply criticism in a constructive manner. Ultimately, it’s about rising above the anxieties, insecurities and inadequacies that hold people back from fully participating in whatever game they’re playing.

As for Hamptonstone’s next chapter, there’s a flurry of Hockey Confidence related activities: interviews, tours and travel, including the book launch and author reading at the Kamloops Chapter’s bookstore at 2 p.m. on Sept. 17.

Hamptonstone said she’s now looking to the future, and to the experiences and opportunities that promise to unfold over time. Ultimately, she finds her one-on-one work the
most fulfilling.

“Helping people is everything,” said Hamptonstone. “Watching a person shift to self-belief is heartwarming. I go to sleep feeling that the world is a good place.”

The book will be available in hardcopy and on Amazon.com. For further information on Hamptonstone and BTI go to www.braintrainwin.com.