Hats off to volunteers

While nursing sore muscles after the second Annual Bluebird Banked Slalom event I started to think about the huge number of volunteers who donate their valuable time to make daily life in Sun Peaks a better experience for everyone who lives and visits here.

And, I thought it was time for a good ol’ shout out.

Firstly the Bluebird Society who not only spend countless hours on the Banked Slalom charity event but also donate their off time to mentor kids from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Kamloops.

Match this effort with that of the Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks (ASSP) group and their focus on getting those less able out on the hill enjoying snow sports and it’s a win-win for all involved. These groups bring the joy of winter sports to many who wouldn’t be exposed to it otherwise.

Without the amazing crew at the Sun Peaks Alpine Club a lot of the events at Sun Peaks would simply not happen. Johnny Crichton and crew always pull out the stops to get the racers on the slopes and get the job done.

Close to my heart is the “Headwalls Safety Crew” and all the Velocity Challenge volunteers, who year after year take a week out of their lives to make sure the sport of speed skiing is alive and well in North America.

Let’s not forget the Sun Guides who show the visiting tourists our wonderful ski area and the Sun Peaks Nordic Club that glide us along with all things cross-country.

Should you get injured on hill, the CSPS (Canadian Ski Patrol System) patrollers and the Sun Peaks EMRT (Emergency Medical Response Team) crew will tend to your injured self, while in the wee hours of the morning the volunteer First Responders of Sun Peaks Fire Rescue will leap from bed to save those in need. And we mustn’t forget the many volunteers at the Sun Peaks Health Clinic who are there every afternoon to rent you crutches and make sure you see a doctor or health practitioner for what ails you.

On the social side of Sun Peaks’ life we have the artisans and volunteers of the Art Zone bringing culture to our community, while the parents and volunteers of the Sun Peaks Education Society work tirelessly to make sure the children of the community have a unique and structured education — mountain style. This includes the mayor and municipal council who donate their honorariums and more back to the school.

To say Sun Peaks is a philanthropic community is an understatement and that’s what makes it such a special place to work, play and live. If I missed anyone I apologize in advance but you know who you are, and that your tireless volunteer work is what makes it all happen in Sun Peaks.

Hats off to the volunteers!