Heffley Creek boil water advisory continues


Heffley Creek residents have been told to boil their water since flooding in May. File photo.

A boil water advisory that has been in place since floods washed out a section of Old Highway 5 in Heffley Creek on May 6 will likely continue until repairs to water supply and the road are complete this winter.

Deb Smith, administrator for Heffley Creek Water Works, said the advisory was put in place after a water main ruptured during the washout.

While repairs have restored running water to the community after a short disruption, residents have been told to continue boiling water.

No details on the specific risk to health were available.

A Boil Water Notice (BWN) is placed on water systems when water quality test results indicate a health risk, such as pathogens, may be present in the water,” Interior Health said in an email. “Individuals not following the advice of the public notice may increase their risk of falling ill due to pathogens.”