Hove launches solo show

Hove_Maureen_Sunpeaks_SentinelsKamloops artist Maureen Hove is excited about her first solo show taking place at the Kamloops Courthouse in the main gallery until December 21.

As a child, Hove was interested in capturing landscapes and the different colours the season brought. Now in her retirement from school administration she’s focusing on putting those interests to canvas.

“When I was a little kid, I just loved colour,” explains Hove. “The colour of nature, the fall colours, the first spring greens and the blues of the summer sky, the purples of the shadows in the snow, have always enthralled me.”

Having studied English in university in order to pursue a career in education, Hove’s heart has always held a passion for art. Evolving from an enthusiasm for drawing and ink to a love for watercolour, Hove has brought both passions to her art.

“What I like to do best is combine both media,” says Hove. “I sometimes present in watercolour, or sometimes in ink, or sometimes in (both).”

Hove’s show, sponsored by the Kamloops Arts Council, will showcase her passion for both watercolour and ink through the Kamloops and surrounding area landscape.

As for her future, Hove is hoping to push some boundaries by presenting a show that showcases her other interest for the human body.

“This is going to sound odd but, I want to have a show one day of nudes,” explains Hove. “A landscape of the human body.”

Hove keeps her connection alive with Sun Peaks by golfing and skiing at the resort, while her husband, Hoberly, volunteers as a Mountain Host. Hove has also spent some time attempting to capture the beauty of the mountain in her art.

“I’ve done a lot of paintings of Sun Peaks,” explains Hove. “It’s very inspiring — not only the mountain and landscape, but the people, the life and the vitality in the village.”

If you’re interested in viewing or purchasing Hove’s work, Tree Line Studio showcases her pieces. Hove also generously donated one of her pieces to this year’s Firefighters’ Charity Gala.

Click here for more information on Hove’s show Kamloops Impressions in Paint and Ink.