Jamaican vibes land in Kamloops – Culcha Shock ready to take Canada by storm

Tickets are available for Culcha Shock’s first Kamloops event.

If you saw Nesrick Woolery at his day job with Top of the Mountain Accommodations at Sun Peaks you wouldn’t guess how he spends his free time.

Woolery, or “Nezzie”, is part of a group of artists who go by the name Culcha Shock. Hailing from Jamaica, they share a goal of making reggae and dancehall music popular in Canada.

“The goal is to bring a piece of Jamaica here,” said Woolery’s music partner Hardley Williams.

The two have been working hard to promote an upcoming show at CJ’s in Kamloops on Oct. 6. It will be their first Kamloops show but in the past two years they have performed at venues in Kelowna and Vancouver and at festivals.




The group formed three years ago in Woolery’s kitchen and has grown into a home studio where they create their own tracks and freestyle.

They both bring experience from Jamaica, working in clubs, performing, and hosting street parties.

Woolery said working together means constantly learning.

“We’ll do a freestyle to a track and pick what you want out of that to create a song.”

“The mood you’re in creates the beat,” added Williams. “It’s a team effort, sometimes we go to the studio and scrap it all. Everybody puts their own taste in each song.”

Woolery first came to Canada eight years ago; Williams arrived a year earlier.

The group’s name was inspired by the jump between countries.

“It was a real shocker,” Williams said. “So that’s where ‘Culcha Shock’ came from.”

Woolery is professionally trained as an electrical engineer and Williams an aircraft mechanic, but both are focused on growing their brand and landing bigger gigs.

“We want to grow international and get bigger,” Woolery said. “We’re different and different is good.”

As for performing at Sun Peaks? It’s on their list of goals alongside other Kamloops venues.

“It’s about time,” Williams said. “We might as well just do it and get it done.”