Just add snow! Sun Peaks expands every winter


Well, it’s all happening! The snow is falling, the lifts are turning and the beer taps are flowing. The moment I got on that first chair of the season, the long, hot summer faded into a distant memory. After so much anticipation and lead-up, the moment we were all waiting for finally arrived.

Friends in town always assume pre-season is a slow time for Sun Peaks’ year-round residents but they couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s an enormous amount of work to prepare for opening day. From snowmaking to recruiting and training staff to promoting the mountain to the world, many long hours go into readying the mountain for its seasonal debut. A big thanks goes out to all you folks who make this mountain tick — you know who you are!

Many individuals have also put in a lot of effort to join us for this winter season. Every year, an additional 700 people swell our ranks to provide a great tourism product for our guests. These people work mundane jobs to save for airfare, send dozens of emails to set up their accommodation and jobs and arrive ready to inject the resort with youthful zest. If you’ve been stressed out while getting yourself sorted for the season, trust me when I say it’s all worth it. When you look back, you won’t even remember that part of your journey. The team here at SPIN sends out a warm welcome to all our new residents and knows some of you might become that long-time local who just never left after a planned six month stint.

My only piece of advice going into this winter season is to remember we’re more than just a tourist destination and to get involved in the community. While the local watering hole is the natural gathering place to meet new friends, if you scratch the surface you’ll find many organizations and groups ready to welcome you as well. From the hockey league, to the Taekwondo academy, to the local arts organization, there are plenty of opportunities to make our little town a little bit richer while you’re here.

You’ll also find dozens of opportunities to volunteer as we rely heavily on the kindness of locals to get things done. Whether you help build the course for the annual banked slalom or lend your time at the Sun Peaks school, our volunteers are highly appreciated and it’s a great way to get involved. Remember, many hands make light work!

To help bring all these different groups and opportunities together, we’ve launched a new online community events calendar which allows everyone to not only see what’s happening in Sun Peaks but also to submit their own events. We hope this new feature will make existing residents’ lives a little easier and allow newcomers to find exciting ways to spend their time here. And if you don’t see something that floats your boat, don’t be afraid to create a new group or gathering. Chances are there are plenty of other people looking for the same thing.

Here’s to a phenomenal winter season, full of great snow, great events and great people. Let it snow!