Kamloops dirt bikers rally to clean up

The clean up will clear an area often used by dirt bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.


Coming together after one of their own avoided injury from colliding with wire  strung across a popular trail, the Kamloops dirt biking community has planned a clean up day near Sun Peaks.

The area between the Heffley Creek Transfer Station and shooting range will be swept by volunteers and dumped for free at the transfer station. Meranti Developments will provide a truck and trailer for collecting refuse and transporting it to the transfer station.

After the clean up participants are welcome to go for a ride on one of the many trails or have a BBQ with others.

Bring your truck (if you have one), your bike if you want to enjoy a ride before or after, some work gloves, and your friends. Lots of hands makes for easy lifting, and we should be able to clean the area up fast,” wrote organizer Victor Beisel in an online post . “You don’t have to ride to help out, you just need to appreciate a pristine nature trail.”

The event will take place May 7 at 9:30 a.m.