Kamloops theatre gets intimate

SomeoneMeComing soon to an ally near you, Dancing Monkey presents Frank McGuiness’ “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” March 6 to 8.

The production will take place in an empty commercial space, accessed via an ally, with small audiences to create an intimate atmosphere.

“This is a show about men who are hostages in Lebanon, and we really want to make the audience feel like they could be in the same room as these guys,” says actor Kirk Smith “(The audience need not) worry as), there’s no audience interaction involved.  It’s more about feeling the immediacy of the story.”

Along with the Kamloops dates, the production will also have shows in Vancouver, March 12 to 23.

“I’ve always wanted to find a way to bridge that gap and share the wealth between these cities,” says Smith.

Directed by Julie McIsaac and featuring Ashley O’Connell, Jay Clift along with Smith himself, the crew are amped to show off their talent through McGuinness’ play.

“A project like this, where people are self-producing, is really cool because everyone on stage is there because they whole-heartedly believe in the value of what they’re creating and are willing to sink their own money and time into it, just to make it a reality,” says Smith.

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