Leading Sun Peaks youth

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Sun Peaks Scouts is on the lookout for new leaders to join the program this fall.

As the program grows and other leaders relocate, the five-to-seven-year-old Beavers and eight-to-ten-year-old Cubs are in need of new adults to guide them through learning about the outdoors and the world around them.

Leader Colin Cannon said members aren’t required to have children in the program or have children at all.

“Some of the best leaders don’t have kids but want to share an experience they had with scouting when they were a young person,” he said.

He added it isn’t a requirement to have backcountry experience as the camping done by Beavers is in a cabin. New leaders will be given easy, online training to excel in the role.

“I’m big on sharing the outdoor adventures with the kids but it isn’t necessary and anyone that likes working with kids would make a great leader.”

This year meetings will be held at the Burfield Lodge on Tuesday nights. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Cannon at colin.m.cannon@gmail.com.