Kyleigh Stewart competing at nationals which was held at Panorama Resort July 28. Panorama Resort Photo.

Having grown up attending mountain bike camps herself, local pro mountain bike competitor Kyleigh Stewart is excited to end the season with her own clinic. The Race Pro Private Clinic with Kyleigh Stewart is giving intermediate to advanced riders the opportunity to learn techniques to give them confidence on the trails and the race course.

“Everyone can always use a refresher on braking, cornering, body positioning stuff like that. Working on the more technical tracks in Sun Peaks to look deeper into them rather than just ride them for fun,” said Stewart.

Stewart envisioned a program that helps riders select better lines whether looking to go fast or to find an easier way down. Her camps have been tailored to the individual.

“The focus is always on the person, the customer, so (I) tailor each camp to that person, so they have the best experience and enjoy themselves is the goal,” she said.

Stewart is offering a three or six hour program and said it depends on the participant’s fitness level when selecting which program is best for them.

“It’s really inclusive, we’ll make it work for anybody and make it fun.”

While the clinics run until Sept. 29, Stewart will be offering the service again next summer and hopes to help participants gain the confidence they need to get out on the race track.

“Hopefully I can get a couple girls doing it which would be great. Get maybe a few girls from Kamloops into racing that would be really cool, just getting more youth involved,” she said.

Available to anyone six years old and up Stewart said she hopes to see local residents who already know the mountain join her on the trails.

“In a sense, it’s more towards the residents just because they probably ride the bike park every weekend. They’re used to the track maybe they’ve ridden a race course before or seen a race happen and they want to get involved,” said Stewart.

Racing at the pro level this past season, Stewart said the opportunity to coach is pretty cool and she’s enjoying getting more involved in the industry and expanding her work as a coach with the Sports School.

“I did all these things when I was a kid taking camps, so being on the other side is pretty cool experience being able to develop what I would like to see.”