Letter to the Editor: Short term rental restrictions

Dear Editor,

As an owner who is currently very concerned about the current political landscape on the hill, I’m confused to say the least. Mayor Raine is threatening fines of $1,000/day per infraction if you are renting out in contravention of the zoning bylaws, but this is at a time when the Resort is looking to grow contingent on increasing skier visits, when there is a “critical shortage” of beds for guests? Any potential new hotels or lodging facilities are a few years out at this point so I would be very interested to see how the Mayor responds to an interview regarding these critical shortages in light of his proposed short-term rental bans. I’m still personally at a loss as to why the mayor and council of a resort town are trying to lessen potential tourist attraction and the dollars they bring to our ski hill one way or another – I mean, it is a tourist destination. Without tourism and bodies in beds there would be no resort town.

I certainly look forward to seeing where this goes! I think the mayor and his council have much to answer for on this issue.

Kindest regards,

Kimberley Krahn
Sun Peaks, B.C.
Langley, B.C.

Editor’s Note: No “bans” are currently in place however council did place a moratorium on rezoning single residential homes to short-term rental zoning in July which remains in place while new bylaws regarding the rezoning are adopted.




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