Letter to the Editor: Development and the environment

While it is very exciting to see the growth of Sun Peaks, I am hoping the Sun Peaks Resort Municipality creates policy around preservation of trees and buffer zones.  My husband and I live at Settlers Crossing and we watched with sadness as the bulldozer took down the few remaining trees between the new development at Echo Landing and our condo complex.  

I am wondering when plans are approved if an attempt is made to preserve trees and natural landscapes where possible or does profit take precedence? From my viewpoint it looks like this new development is cramming in as many units as possible.  Unfortunately, even on the perimeters not one tree is left standing.

As we move ahead and create a place that we live, work and play, as long-time residents we are hoping Mayor and Council create and implement policies that preserve some natural landscapes and not approve development permits that clear cuts an entire site (causing erosion and potential water issues) and disregard protected areas. Let’s work together and ensure we safeguard the natural resources in our community.

Laura Kalina

Sun Peaks, B.C.