Letter to the editor – Retro Weekend

Retro Weekend is one of the most popular summer events. Photo SPIN.

Dear Editor,

Coming to Sun Peaks in the summer just wasn’t my thing but a few years ago I was convinced to come and see the Retro Concert weekend. It was a hit with me. The casual and laid back atmosphere appealed to me.

So that was it. My summer would include Retro Fest. Eventually a number of my extended family and friends started coming also. After having to miss last year due to unforeseen complications, anticipation was running high for this year.

Well what should greet us but a relocation of the main stage. This was all new to me. Gone was the casual wandering in and out of various village establishments, having a bite and beverage whether it be the Grand, Bottoms or somewhere else.

This year we sat on the grass waiting and noticed many people coming in from the parking lot but not so much from the village area. One couldn’t even quench their thirst with a wobbly pop as the promised beer garden was nowhere to be seen, although beer was sold from The Annex the next day.

I felt sorry for all the businesses in the village as they had no chance to attract walk in traffic. As a matter of fact every business I spoke to said they were down and were disappointed with the venue move.

Maybe Sun Peaks Resort needs to rethink this as businesses are being short changed. This is not a big name headliner one-day concert, so stop treating the weekend as such. Maybe they need to shutdown the car track and associated attractions for a couple of days and take the hit if they think that Retro has outgrown that area.

But maybe they don’t care about the village core and the entrepreneurs. The normal $750 to $1,000 (no chance this year) I drop on the weekend doesn’t matter to them either. I, for one, will not waste another weekend coming if the format stays the same.


Larry Underhill

Fort McMurray