Letters lost in translation – Changes to mailboxes causes confusion

New community boxes have been installed at Sun Peaks. Photo SPIN.

Changes to Canada Post post office boxes at Sun Peaks have caused confusion for those trying to receive mail.

In August, Canada Post sent a letter informing residents of changes regarding boxes in the community. Previously mailboxes had a P.O. box number and were rented by individuals or families. The new civic addressing system will be by home address and give each home in the area access to a box where they can pick up mail.

The changes will mean those living in the community less than six months will not qualify for the community boxes but can rent a box at the Heffley Creek post office if desired.

Those who live in suites are unable to receive keys to a box unless the suite is legal, which can be verified by the municipality.

Homeowners who wish to pick up their new keys can do so at the Post Office at 1350 Dalhousie Dr. between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Businesses that currently have door-to-door service will stay the same while those who didn’t can call and register for a compartment.

If anyone is unable to make it to Kamloops during business hours or has further questions they can contact Mike Taks in Canada Post delivery services at 250-753-3558 ext. 2001.

Free redirection is being provided for one year to give residents time to ensure those who send them items can be notified of the change of address.

In an email statement Canada Post said “Civic addressing helps Canada Post improve efficiency and accuracy of mail and parcel delivery to better serve our customers.”