Local instructors one step closer to national team

Néron on edge, practicing for the competition. | PHOTO supplied

Two Sun Peaks Sports School instructors have been picked to try out for a national team representing Canada in 2019.

Anne Terwiel and Luc Néron competed against nearly 50 other skiers in Silver Star, near Vernon, B.C. in February. They were judged in categories like moguls, corridors and race style turns for their technique, control, speed, line choice and accuracy.

The trials were the first in a series of tests this year and next to earn a spot on the Canadian Interski team travelling to Bulgaria in 2019. The final group will meet with other national teams from around the world to share their skiing and teaching techniques.

Further stages of competition include presentations on ski technique to judge teaching ability and meeting with all finalists to create a compatible team.

It was Néron’s second time trying out for the team; his first time his English was deemed not strong enough for the teaching portion. He returned having elevated both his skiing and English and ranked first overall.

He said he was confident heading into the weekend but he couldn’t help but be a
little nervous.

“I go to try out to make myself better and improve myself,” he said. “I was very comfy with
my technique.”

He said focusing on himself during the competition instead of being intimidated by competitors helped him feel confident.

“I was really excited with the result,” Néron said. “I was really happy. When I was on the east coast my English wasn’t really good. Now I am less shy and more confident.”

Néron said that having Terwiel competing by his side made the weekend even better.

“I was really proud to practise with her. She was pretty nervous so I tried to help her and I said to her ‘just trust yourself, you are a really good skier, just do it.’”

It was Terwiel’s first time trying out for the team, a new goal she set for herself. After countless hours on skis and in the gym she said she was still nervous to compete.

“I went out to all the clinics I could at 8 a.m., did race training, fitness training, in corridors,” she said of her training. “It was really really fun, I was nervous but I had fun.”

After competing against some of the best skiers in Western Canada she said she was amazed to have earned fourth place.

“I didn’t expect to be on that list,” she said. “What I’m most looking forward to is training
with Luc.”