Mark and Mya’s snowy adventure

Mark with his fi ve and a half year old German Shepard Mya out for a walk in
the village. | Photo Supplied.

For Australian social media stars Mark and his furry best friend Mya, a German Shepherd, a trip to the Canadian ski slopes was just the adventure they’d be waiting for. The duo landed in Canada Nov. 15 and have since traveled throughout British Columbia exploring some of the province’s top ski resorts. This past week they made their way to Sun Peaks to see all that the resort and community have to offer, especially in the way of dog friendly offerings.

“Previously, especially when I didn’t have her with me, if I went to a resort I would have just skied. It’s actually been a really unique experience visiting these resorts with her looking for these activities we can do together,” said Mark.

The pair has over 17,000 Instagram followers and shares their travels with fans around the world.

In Sun Peaks the pair enjoyed the dog friendly Nordic trail, stopping along the way as they met other skiers out with their dogs. It was the first time Mark had Nordic skied in 17 years and he said it was an interesting experience but Mya loved it.

“She had a fantastic time on the way up. She kept stopping and looking back at me going, ‘Will ya hurry up,’” said Mark.

Mya stops for a rest on the dog friendly Nordic trail. Photo submitted.

A first for both Mark and Mya, they took a horse drawn sleigh ride through the village. Mark said travelling with Mya made him look for activities outside of skiing, and added resorts have so much more to offer.

While Mark and Mya’s adventure in Canada and eventually the US started as  a simple trip, it’s grown into so much more thanks to their social media following and “Influencer” status. Mark said Australians can look to Canada to become better at allowing dogs into daily life.

“To be able to come over here and show everyone everything that we’re doing, people are really realizing back home that we need to be that little bit more open and accepting,” he said.  “That’s kind of one of the messages we’d like to see a change back home. We’d like to see them become a little bit more like you guys.”

As their social media following builds the duo are showing the world it’s possible to travel with your pet.

The duo took to the Nordic trails for the first time in 17 years. Photo submitted.

“I chose to get her as a puppy. She didn’t have any choice about that. So I feel like it’s my responsibility not to just leave her behind because I’m all she’s got and she’s all I got really. It was really a choice between doing it with her or not doing it at all,” he said.

Mark and Mya will return to their winter home base of Revelstoke, B.C. and make plans for their next trip. Next on the list is Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Banff and Fernie before Mark spends three months completing a backcounty touring course.




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