Market to open in West Village

Bobbe Lyall will offer a selection of deli products in her new store. Photo SPIN

As Peaks West nears completion in the West Village, marking the opening of the first significant commercial space available for years, the countdown is own for business owners preparing to open up shop.

One new owner, Bobbe Lyall, is putting the finishing touches on plans for a new market, Ohana.

Named after a polynesian word that loosely translates to family and the family one choses, Lyall was inspired by seeing people create families for themselves at Sun Peaks since she moved to the community in 1998.

The store was described by Lyall as a deli and take home meal market.

“People can pick up food for supper that night and it’s already prepared,” she said. “Soups, salads, marinated proteins, deli meats …as much as we can get locally and as low waste as we can.”

The market will also offer bulk foods, allowing people to buy a few tablespoons of one ingredient or a few cups of another. Lyall will also sell things like cakes, meat pies and marinated kebabs. The 1,400 square foot space will be tight with kitchen and store front so she’s carefully selecting products and working with producers who can make food off site.

With a food and beverage background and recent experience in the property management business, Lyall saw things that inspired her business idea for a long time.

“You go into units after checkout and there is so much wasted leftover food in units,” she said. “Being in property management it actually solidified (for me) that Sun Peaks needed a different kind of market. People would buy a jar of mayo and only use two tablespoons, now they can buy just two tablespoons.

“Seeing how much waste the tourism industry produces I didn’t want to contribute to that.”
Lyall said for visitors she aims to be low waste and environmentally friendly; residents will have the option of being zero waste by bringing their own containers.

In the future, she added, she would like to deliver orders to homes and develop online ordering. She would also like to continue to build local connections for produce, meat and other products.

“Ninety per cent of our protein is from between Whitecroft and Heffley Creek. I’ve been researching for a long time…I’ve connected with people from the market.”

Currently Lyall is aiming to open by Christmas 2019.

“I love the idea of a high end service in a market environment. I always thought it would be somewhere with residential above it. It’s very city, I always wanted it where it was high density.”

With three children and a puppy at home, Lyall will be busy opening Ohana for the winter, but her eyes light up when she describes her vision.

“I’m looking forward to it. I love food and beverage, being in food and beverage just gets my juices flowing.

“It will be fresh, local, have good energy, colours and music…I really feel like there’s enough room in Sun Peaks to have a little diversity.”