Meet our newest addition



Two big brown eyes are staring up at me, full of expectation and innocence, and I know this will be one of the hardest things I’ll ever do. How can I fulfill this lifelong obligation? How did I get myself into this situation? No — it’s not a baby. It’s a puppy.

Despite my momentary paralyzing fear it’s actually something my partner and I have wanted for years. Growing up on a farm, animals and dogs were a natural part of everyday life and it’s something I’ve missed since moving away.

After finally meeting all the prerequisites for dog ownership, researching breeds and options, and looking for almost half a year, we finally pulled the trigger and went to pick up our new best friend in late May.

The village welcomed our new pup Jane with open arms. She’s enjoying her new found celebrity status and meeting all her new friends. I’ve had so many offers to puppy-sit I’ve lost track. It’s opened my eyes to how much this community loves their pets.

But it’s not all puppy kisses and belly rubs. There have been nights with little sleep, scraped hands from sharp little teeth and a few accidents in the house. I felt like I’d done my research, prepped for the training and steeled myself to dole out some tough love, but I still find myself having moments of confusion, frustration and relenting.

It’s easy to see how an animal’s behaviour could get out of control, especially when people can’t dedicate the time required to deal with it. Nonetheless, it’s disappointing to regularly hear and read about conflict situations with people’s pets and their neighbours in and around Sun Peaks. Especially as it’s generally a community that obviously appreciates and enjoys animals.

Props to those who are working hard to correct these issues and practicing civil and genuine communication with each other. As we know, it’s a small community and a little understanding goes a long way.

And big congrats goes out to everyone who has raised a healthy, happy, and social pet. Their presence and your efforts are making Sun Peaks a more enjoyable to place to live. I have a newly acquired respect and admiration for all of you and I’m hoping to being able to count myself among your ranks soon.