Month in Photos: May

1. Month in Photos

Outgoing Tourism Sun Peaks President Christopher Nicolson listens during his farewell party in April. – Photo SPIN

2. Month in Photos

Racers from the BC Provincial, Fernie, Manning Park, Alpental Snoqualmie, and Sun Peaks ski teams squeezed in one last session of race training in early May. – Photo Tourism Sun Peaks

3. Month in Photos

The HUB Nancy Greene Festival saw over 500 particpants and their families come to Sun Peaks and compete in several events over the weekend. – Photo Sun Peaks Racers

4. Month in Photos

Former head of mountain operations, Jamie Tattersfield, was honoured at Canada West Ski Areas’ spring conference. – Photo Christopher Nicolson

5. Month in Photos

Harry Bear made an appearance at Meet a Machine in Kamloops in April. – Photo Tourism Sun Peaks

6. Month in Photos

The Grand served up a BBQ treat after the first village clean up of the spring. – Photo Ryan Kim

7. Month in Photos

Local Candace White judged the Grade 4-5-6 Heritage Fair Projects in April.

8. Month in Photos

Talyn Lorimer was recognized as U12 Female Excellence at the U10-U16 Awards in April. – Photo Sun Peaks Racers