Much needed staff housing comes to West Village

First building to be completed for winter

It has been challenging for staff to find housing in the resort in recent years. Photo SPIN.

Staff coming to work for Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR) this winter will have one more building available for staff accommodation.

The new housing, being constructed between the two existing staff accommodation buildings  in the Burfield area, will have 41 double rooms.

Work is currently being completed on backfilling and the foundation.

General manager for SPR, Darcy Alexander, said they are aiming for a December move in date.

“We’ve basically signed an agreement with local developer Dale Basko. He’s already started building… it should be in place for the ski season.”

Dale Basko, president of Binford Construction based in Kamloops, B.C. said the project is his first commercial development in Sun Peaks and will see an investment of around $3.5 million.

“We’re trying to provide reasonably priced housing for people to live in the winter,” he said.

Basko added if things go as planned a second similar build will be added next year, replacing a temporary structure erected in 2016. The temporary beds will be removed in the spring as a temporary use permit will expire in 2019.

Alexander said availability of beds and the price play a big role in potential staff’s decision on where to work so more infrastructure is necessary to stay competitive in the industry.

“It’s just going off the continued growth, we need those elements of infrastructure to grow with our growth,” he said.

SPR’s additions to the west village will be complemented by additional projects in the area. Developers have been busy building homes on Burfield Dr. and Parcel Three, recently cleared beside the firehall, will become a development with a mix of commercial and residential space.