Municipal security cameras updated

Photo Erwin Strauhmanis.

Updated night definition to capture license plates

Security cameras at each entrance to the community should now operate better in the dark after a $7,000 upgrade from Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM).

Cameras installed in late 2016 for around $40,000 (one at each entrance and one near the intersection near the Kookaburra Lodge) proved to be challenging. Before fibre optic internet was installed in the village connection was weak and image quality suffered. With  the newly installed fibre, the quality improved slightly but lacked visual clarity in the dark and the cameras didn’t capture license plate numbers. 

The two upgraded cameras will be high definition, said SPMRM chief administrative officer Rob Bremner, and capture license plates as well as have a higher quality image at night. 

“It’s at night they’re a problem and it’s at night when our issues are,” Bremner said. “We thought with the location we had it covered…from day one we started to see where the holes are.”

The old cameras will be reused in other locations in the resort. 

Bremner added installation should take place early September in order to be operational before the shoulder season which can see an uptick in crime.