Nancy Greene Raine honoured with commemorative stamp collection

Nancy Greene Raine is one of six athletes honoured in Canada Post’s Women in Winter Sports collection. Canada Post photo

As Canadian Olympic athletes prepare for the upcoming winter games in South Korea, some of Canada’s most decorated athletes were honoured this week by Canada Post.

At an unveiling event held in Calgary A.B., six Canadian Olympians revealed the new Women in Winter Sport Canada Post stamp collection.

Among the athletes honoured was Nancy Greene Raine, who said being on the stamp is a big honour.

Each woman who is included in the collection has worked to contribute to Canada as community builders and leaders.

“The women who share the podium in these stamps broke barriers, inspired generations and have contributed to our country’s national story both on and off of the ice and snow,” says Deepak Chopra, President, and CEO of Canada Post. “They have been ambassadors for their sports, impressive role models and a great source of national pride.”

Sharon and Shirley Firth, Sonha Goudet, Danielle Goyette, and Clara Hughes are the other five women who were honoured with a stamp. Each of the stamps in the collection showcase the athletes with a candid and action photo to celebrate their achievements.

“The collection has been six months in the works,” Greene said. “They don’t happen overnight.”

“I think it’s good and it’s particularly good because it’s right before the Olympics that it’s come out.”