Nearing an elite class of professional drivers

Jason White racing on May 20 with Kamloops Rugby Club decals to celebrate the clubs 50th anniversary. Photo Ryan DuPont.

Racin’ Jason White’s push to 100 races

Racin’ Jason White is back at it, working to hit his goal of 100 races in the NASCAR Canada Series. With 91 races completed throughout his career, White said the accomplishment would put him in an elite class of drivers with approximately six other racers who have reached the milestone.

“For being a driver out of the West Coast where 90 per cent of the races and the action is on the East Coast is quite a big deal and quite an honour to be recognized to have so many races under my belt,” said White.

The 25-year-Sun Peaks resident kicked off his racing season May 20 with a 15th place finish in Bowmanville, Ont.

“The first race didn’t go great mechanically but I felt really good in the car. I feel like I’m going to be on my game better than I have been for a long time driving-wise,” he said.

Committing to six races in the NASCAR Pinty series, White is looking forward to redeeming himself at the June 16 race in Hamilton, Ont.

Racing in both traditional oval track and road course races, he said he was most looking forward to getting out on the newly refurbished Jukasa Motor Speedway.

“It’s just a beautiful facility that I’m really really looking forward to. It’s a very fast track, it’s 5/8th of a mile so we’re going to be going upward of 140 miles an hour down the back straightaways,” said White. “It’s an oval so there’s lots going on in a hurry and it’s something that I’m really looking forward to.”

Having dedicated his offseason to staying in good physical form, White is looking to finish each and every race this season, which is no easy feat in the racing world.

“In the NASCAR series sometimes it’s very difficult to even finish races. We want to make sure that we’re going to be here at the end to finish races and we’re going to look for hopefully being in top 10 and maybe even some top fives,” said White. “Just being in a position to win. If we can put ourselves in a position to be there at the end sometimes things happen where you can get a win out of the deal.”

With years of experience under his belt White said it’s his fans and representing his sponsors that keeps him coming back to racing year after year.

“They say once it’s in your blood you can’t get it out and it’s been in my blood since the day I was born,” said White.

Next up for Racin’ Jason White will be July 14 at the Exhibition Place Toronto, Ont. racing through the city .