Construction is underway on the new Bikes Skills Park. SPIN Photo

New green features coming for the end of 2018 season

Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR) is bridging the gap between the technical handbuilt terrain they’re known for and smooth trails for those new to the sport in their ongoing efforts to be a leader in destination mountain biking in the province. Chief marketing officer for SPR Adian Kelly confirmed the resort is working on a top-to-bottom green run coming off the Sunburst lift flowing down towards the Sundance lift before descending to the village base.

“This is something we’ve been looking at for quite awhile and we were able to make it happen this year,” said Kelly. “We’re still in the early stages of marking out and laying out exactly where the trail will go. We have an external contractor whose coming in to help us build the trail and they’ll be on site here pretty soon.”

While construction of the new trail will continue throughout most of the 2018 riding season, the new addition will balance out the trail system making the mountain a bit less intimidating for beginners.

“We do have Smooth Smoothie but it’s not necessarily the type of green trail we’re looking for in terms of the grade, the experience, the layout that type of thing. We also wanted to have multiple offerings off the top of the lift in terms of green trail access,” he said.

Another complimentary new addition is the new Bike Skills Park that will utilize the magic carpet to provide a place for beginners to learn and progress before going up to the top of the chairlift.

“It builds off what we’re doing with that green trail from the top and gives us a whole new biking zone here at Sun Peaks that again opens up the sport to a bunch of new people and something they can do on a more approachable way,” said Kelly.

Similar to ski resort’s beginner zone in the winter season with platter lifts areas for people to learn and get their bearing before heading up the mountain.

“We’re doing the same thing with biking which I think is pretty unique. I don’t know of other resorts in our area that are doing anything like that.  It’s going to be something that will differentiate us, something I really think will help families have a lot of fun and help grow the sport of mountain biking here at Sun Peaks,” said Kelly.

The Bike Skills Park will be fully constructed for summer 2019. Portions of the park are expected to be accessible later this summer.

Work has also been ongoing throughout the spring to bring upgrades to existing trails.

“With Smooth Smoothie there’s been a big rework on a lower part of the trail and with Route 66 there’s been a rework on an upper part of the trail. We got a good chunk of work done last year so it’s just kind of building off the work that was done last season,” he explained.

Other improvements include changes to exits and entrances to trails as well as Ain’t No Scrubs has now been incorporated into Steam Shovel creating a top-to-bottom freeride jump trail.

“It’s an evolving process as we build and see how it fits in over the summer of 2018,” said Kelly.

SPR’s summer chair lift operations kick off on June 22.