New management for Cahilty Hotel

The Cahilty Hotel and Suites is under new management. Photo SPIN.

Bear Country Property Management Ltd. has taken over management of the Cahilty Hotel and Suites, making them one of the largest employers on the mountain. They will now have around 100 employees during the winter.

The Oct. 1 switch was a milestone for Bear Country, adding more staff to their team and making more rooms available in their rental pool.

“The Cahilty Management approached us and asked if we were interested in getting involved with the Cahilty Hotel and Suites,” said Reiner Brecht, president and chief executive officer of Bear Country.

Brecht said the expansion was a natural fit as they launched their own reservations department this year and expanded their marketing department.

“Sun Peaks is moving forward, we are growing,” he said. “Actually last year Bear Country had a lot of times where we had no units available.”

He said he expects the addition will allow for them to attract more conferences and bus tours as they will be able to use facilities at the Hearthstone Lodge, another property they manage, as well as the Cahility. As the Sun Peaks Centre is constructed and the community tries to attract more large events the company would like to be involved.

“Bear Country will align with that and promote it as that,” Brecht said. “Going forward needless to say because of the facilities that we have…we can utilise conferences and meetings far better.”

It’s a big step forward for the company that started in 1994. Since Brecht took over in 2007 they have added multiple hotel properties to their portfolio.

“It’s a big investment for Bear Country what we are doing with the Cahilty, not just size-wise but money-wise. But at the same time Bear Country grew a lot of reliable hard working people and with a lot of reliable and long time people working at the Cahility it’s new chances for them to grow with us forever and were looking forward to having each of those employees in our team.

“Bear Country would not invest if we did not love Sun Peaks, we breathe, we love and we enjoy being part of this community.”