New rental bylaw passes

The local rental market can be challenging for long term residents and staff. Photo Mark Moz.

A new bylaw that will impact both long-term and short-term home rentals was adopted at a May 16 council meeting.

Bylaw number 0088 dictates that homeowners who wish to receive RS-1A zoning for tourist accommodation must designate either the main dwelling or the suite as the short-term rental. The other may be used by owners or rented long-term. Both areas may not be used for short-term rentals.

The amendment was made with the hope it will create more opportunities for long-term affordable accommodation for residents and staff.

Thirty properties which were zoned as RS-1A prior to adoption will be listed as an amendment and will be able to continue renting both the dwelling and suite if desired.
At the time of the May 16 meeting, council had received one letter in support of the amendment

Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality chief administrative officer Rob Bremner said no community members brought forward concerns about the change.

All new applications to be zoned as RS-1A must declare which part of the home will be used for tourist accommodation when receiving their business license.